An enterprise plan to use multiple Sejda SDK tasks in your commercial projects

An enterprise subscription allows you to use multiple Sejda SDK tasks in closed source projects and is suitable for those who do not wish to share their application source code with the the open source community as free software under a AGPLv3 compatible license.

For enterprise subscriptions we need to asses your use case

Multiple tasks

An enterprise subscription allows you to use multiple Sejda SDK tasks. We need to understand how many tasks you will need and what is your use case before we can give you a price. Contact us and we will see what we can do for you. See our FAQ section for more details

Dedicated support

A Sejda SDK Enterprise user will benefit from a dedicated support channel with the highest priority where a Sejda expert will help you with installation, upgrades or any other issue that may arise.

Highest priority bug fixes

Sejda SDK Enterprise users will get their bug fixed with the highest priority. We embrace a release often policy and you can expect us to release Sejda as soon as a bug has been fixed.


Sejda SDK is released under the open source AGPLv3 license that imposes strong constraints regarding its use.

Buying a Sejda SDK Enterprise license grants your company a commercial license and allows you to include Sejda SDK in your closed-source application without the restrictions imposed by the AGPLv3 license. Further details are available in our FAQ section where you can also find detail regarding options to include a distribute Sejda SDK.

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